Love Is

IMG_20160312_113741931.jpgWe all have at least one person in our life that try as we might, we cannot muster any affection for them. They rub us the wrong way.  They embarrass us when we most want to impress.  They show up when we are most tired and worn down. I have been begging God to help me love one of these for years.  Then, a couple nights ago, as I was preparing for bed.  I knew with startling clarity, “I love that person.”  God has been working in my life, and by Him, I’m learning to show Love in the truest sense, because… 

Love is a choice, not a fading feeling.

Love is speaking the truth in humility and serving with both hands.

Love is caring about another’s good more than your own reputation. It’s getting into another’s skin enough to feel their heart beat and know what they need.

Love makes you vulnerable to pain and rejection but not bitterness, disappointment but not cynicism, being taken advantage of but not greed.

Love sacrifices opinion for peace, individuality for unity in truth, and self for the Church.

Love is fiercely strong and immensely gentle.

Love forbears and burden bears, and bears all to God in prayer.IMG_20160312_113829424.jpg

Love is the blood that gives the Christian life–the radiance that beckons the world.

Love is the evidence of God’s Presence. GOD is LOVE.

I pray Lord, teach me to love well.

6 Comments on “Love Is

  1. That’s great! What a cool moment when you find that you can love someone who has been difficult for you to love in the past. Very special post.


  2. You write beautifully and insightfully. What caught my attention the most is the part that speaks of vulnerability. You state it rightly; love is willing to take risks for the sake of others, even if taking that risk may mean paying a dreadful price. When we love well, we think of others to the point of forgetting about ourselves. This is something that I know to be true, intellectually at least, but the bridge between the intellect and the heart seems at times a yawning expanse that can never be crossed. Of course, God alone is the one able to make that connection, and it is to him that we must turn our eyes and our hearts if we desire a heart full of love for others. Thanks for writing this, Yolanda. I was blessed in reading it.


    • I am glad you were blessed. God spoke through Vivian to me this summer about vulnerability. We tend to think it’s a good thing to protect ourselves, but we are actually self-centered.


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