All You Ever Need to Know


I just don’t know

How to love that person,

I don’t know,

If I should wait or move on,

I don’t know

What deserves my time,

I don’t know

What to prepare for in the future,

I don’t know

Where you want me to go,

I don’t know

Why this  is now,

I don’t know

What Your ultimate goal is with all of this,

I don’t know.


IMG_20150818_195514338_HDRAnd when I stop,

Catch my breath,

It’s almost as if I hear

The Father chuckle

And gently caress me with His Presence.

You don’t need to know


I know it all,

And I know you,

All you need to learn,

All you’ll ever need to know

Is Me.Sept2015upload 136



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