Travel Journal: Cambodia 4

In Different Ways

Written Sunday, July 10, 2016

DSCN0116I see you worshiping in bare feet,

And look down at my dress shoes,

I hear you singing  your language to instruments,

While I sing my four-part, English acapella,

You raise your hands and face to the sky,

While I clasp my hands and bow my head.


But what God sees is two broken souls

Torn ragged and dirty from sin,

What God hears is the cry of lonely hearts

Seeking after His love and grace,

And it is God’s eyes that cry with us

And His hands that heal us.


And when God touches us we see,

That  we are both saints wearing grace,

We hear the heartbeat of hallelujah,

And the song of the redeemed pouring from our lips,

We reach out and touch hands,

And feel the love He’s given us to share.


We realize that in God’s eyes,

We are the same–


In different ways.



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