She Never Sleeps

First in the Toronto Triology

Wu, wu, wu, warns the walk signal.  Tick, tick, ba plays somewhere.  What makes that unvarying sound? Footsteps shuffly and lazy or staccato and driven all rush past in the cacophony of the wordless voices of passersby.  Vehicle motors run and horns honk.

Nicotine, booze, exhaust, and hotdogs assault the nose.

The sky hovers black way up beyond the H&M sign changing constantly, first a gay couple hamming, then a skinny old women with blackened eyes, then a blonde ten-year-old girl with short hair and freckles.  Wear these clothes.  Look this good.  The lights of stores, street lights and car lights smile hugely.

The city never sleeps here.  If she allows for quiet,  questions claim her mind. If she turns off the neon, fabricated lights, she will see the darkness of her world.

Read the sequal: "She Asks"

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