My Manifesto: Lest We Forget

I could join the many mourning the loss of relatives, friends, and neighbours today, OR I can choose to remember my relatives who served as COs in the last great war.

I could choose to join the parade behind the veterans OR I could ask you.  “Is it braver to face the enemy with a gun or with  a smile?”

You can look at me as a coward for not defending this country OR admit that it takes guts to stand up for what you believe. The truth is that these men stood for something they believed in. Freedom. Justice. Peace. I admire their commitment. I hurt for everyone who has lost somebody.

But today, I stand for something different. I seek to remember the God Who gave His only Son to die once to end all killing. I don’t want to forget that Jesus didn’t fight back. I want to live and never retaliate in even the smallest ways.

Should the day come when the freedom Canadians value is threatened, I will die, not for my country, but for my God. I may die with a bullet in my body, but by the power of God alone, I will not die with a gun in my hands.

The country I live and die for is Heaven. Only this country brings freedom and peace to the soul.

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