In Everything Give Thanks

IMG_20171008_144105716 (3)I began to pursue thanksgiving when I began teaching a little over five years ago.  In my personal time with God every day, I listed in my journal ten things I counted as blessings. A couple years later, I found a baby-blue, soft leather copy of Ann Voskamp’s 1,000 Gifts. This book intrigued me for two reasons.  First, the author lives only about an hour away from where I do.  Second, I was reminded of the power giving thanks has to lead us into worship and away from despair.

This year, away at school in the US, I will in essence miss both Thanksgivings.  I was in the States for the Canadian Thanksgiving and will be in Canada for the American Thanksgiving.

Humour me as I take my Thanksgiving today, with a random assortment of gifts from my own 1,000s list in progress.

teeny tiny red berry all alone on its stem. . . realization that there is no shame–indeed–God wants us to be feeling things like confusion, sadness, and loneliness, as a reminder that I need Him. . . making rockets in the fresh morning air on the back deck with a group of other science lab students. . . garlic bread grilled cheese for lunch. . . smart pink jacket to wear for the half day of teaching. . . all the beautiful varieties of eyes. . . idiosyncrasies between Canadian and American English. . . Ford’s Chapel. . . whispered conversation with Mr. Miller during Kindergarten meeting. . . Becka’s polka dot umbrella to borrow for my walk in the rain. . . perfect spider lace on the deck rail beside me. . . tree trunks blackened by rain, whispering November. . .

The list is always there.  I challenge us all to take the time to write it, maybe even below.


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5 Comments on “In Everything Give Thanks

  1. haha…the fabric. I was hiking in the woods and found many delightful specimens, as you can see. However, I didn’t feel like carrying them. So, I piled them in my infinity scarf. On my way back, I got inspired to take this random shot.
    Ford’s Chapel is a beautiful 100 plus year old church on the Allegheny College Campus. It has stained glass windows that look hand painted, curved high peaked ceilings, intricate wood and plaster work, and a balcony. The acoustics are phenomenal! 🙂
    You should come and visit me sometime and we can walk around the campus and visit the church. Most of the buildings were made in an era when architecture was meant to be beautiful.


  2. Here’s my contribution: Thanks for the reminder to be grateful!

    A God who understands the very essence of each human heart – the magic of fall with it’s colourful leaves, dried cornstalks, scent of hot apple cider, and frosty mornings – a car with heated seats – a family of six siblings to love and be loved by- an 8 yr old brother’s hand tucked into yours – the book of Isaiah/ God’s amazing mercy to His people – good books that capture and hold your attention – kindred spirits (friends who inspire you on in the work of the heavenly kingdom) – the lessons God patiently teaches through life- a teacher who taught with love – a capella music flowing with melodious harmony – a generous father who models how to love, live, and give – a humble and sincere mother – sisters who are my friends – two brothers who amuse and intrigue me by turn 🙂 and the list could go on….


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