On Knowing: Part One

There was something heady about roaming rows of tomes full of ancient legislature–red-bound books that boasted debates from the House of Commons and forest green, gilt-bound ones that contained government discussions of Canada, even before it was a nation. The shelves held, too, pamphlets of official reports to this or that Member of Parliament standing together in boxes.  Some had further clarification scrawled in red ink on their papery covers.  Then, there was the synopsis on fish in British Columbia and someone’s connections between home life and student drinking in Manitoba.

Perhaps, the my headiness was a result of feeling a little faint after coming out of the cold and going up into this hot room smelling of stale garlic bread and sweat, wearing a heavy jacket and sweater.  I climbed stools in search of my book and wandered around for someone looking like a librarian amongst the crowd of unconcerned university kids who used this library every day.

Finally, I turned to the filing cabinets claiming to hold micro fiches.  Feeling like my childhood hero Nancy Drew sleuthing for evidence, I found the drawer with the corresponding code CABC ID to CABC MU and began to leaf through a drawer containing coloured transparencies smaller than 4X6 photographs, thin as paper in envelopes of onion paper.IMG_20180402_140051307

All this information in all these little drawers on all these towering shelves on only the third of six floors makes me acknowledge how little I know.  This is only one of many libraries in the entire world, not to mention the World Wide Web and every bit of information labeled “classified” on Earth.  Sometimes I wonder how one could live there life and never know about God. This time, I am reminded that there is a great amount to know that is not God.

 “Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” II Timothy 3:7

Yet am I naive to continue to believe that all this knowing can by His grace give me greater knowledge of Him? I hope not.  Instead, I ask myself, “Am I seeking to know for the sake of knowing or am I seeking to know to Know Him?”

One Comment on “On Knowing: Part One

  1. So much truth in that last statement: Am I seeking to know for the sake of knowing or am I seeking to know to Know Him?
    Thanks for provoking my thoughts tonight!

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