Like a River Glorious

IMG_20180515_135545611.jpgShe sat on the bridge rail

Made of field stones,

I sat on a mossy rock below

Feet immersed in the ice

Of May water running from

Last month’s snow,

Watching it fall and chuckle

Over moss coated rocks.

IMG_20180515_152840788.jpgdiamond & emerald 

Something about the water

Washes away stresses

That never really mattered.

sand & time

IMG_20180515_140100834.jpgThe tiny rivulet of tomorrow is now

A bubbling creek

Mixing with the crashing

Of the water’s fall,

IMG_20180515_152845760.jpgLike our lives

Mixing on this quiet afternoon

Combining thoughts and stillness

Sharing and being a gift

For each other,

Embracing new life

Springing green.

IMG_20180515_144807489.jpghealing & miracles

As many as two can notice,

And more.

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