He Said

I had a conversation yesterday that blessed me immensely and I hope it blesses you. It includes two boys whom I will call Adam (8) and Matt (6).

Me: Good morning

Boys: Good morning

Adam: I like your dress.  It’s pretty.

Me: (looking down at my dress, laughing because everyone says that about this yellow dress I’m not overly fond of) Thank you. Yellow’s such a happy colour that God gave us.

Adam: It’s like the sun.

Matt: God made the sun.

Adam: You are wearing God.

Me: (laughing) Well, at least a piece of God.

Matt: My shirt is yellow, I’m wearing a piece of God, too.

Me: Yes, and Adam’s shirt is green.  Green shows things are alive and God made life, too.

Adam: So, I’m wearing a piece of God, too.

Then, they proceeded to plan what they were going to play next, and I went up to sing in chapel.IMG_20170425_200534765

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