Have You Ever

Have you ever

stood in a warm spring day

closed your eyes

feeling the breeze rush all around you

like a cooling, friendly hug?

Then feeling your toes–

do you feel your toes

bending with the contour

of grass-clad earth

all soft and shiny smooth?

Have you ever

stopped mid-chew to notice

singing notes

of sweet, savoury, and salty saturating

your taste buds with goodness?

Then marveling at the symphony–

did you know it’s a symphony

played by chef and farmer

and delighted Creator

to make the music of flavour?

I hope you do.

Ps. I know this is not Communion Part 2. I haven’t forgotten about it, but the research and soul-searching is taking me on a deeper journey then I expected. Part 2 will come in its time.

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