Small Wonders

Small wonder that in all the eras of earth

He came to Roman rule

Roman roads lead everywhere

While Roman discipline amplified

The utter helplessness of captive humanity:

Pax Romana could not offer peace on earth.

Small wonder that Jews being humans

They called Mary a harlot for they’d

Only failed to hear or forgotten Isaiah

(Behold a virgin will conceive) and Micah

(Out of little Bethlehem will come a ruler):

Princeps Pace, if they had only remembered.

Small wonder that the Messiah for all

Came first to the odd assortment–

Teen girl, young man, aged man and woman,

Jewish low class, and exotic kings

Little Bethlehem, far away Egypt, hometown Nazareth.

Lux mundi. “Oh, people walking in darkness.”

Small wonder that when the days were accomplished,

The mother was in Bethlehem,

The manger bed was adequate,

Swaddling clothes were seen fit,

Shepherd flocks and angel assemblies arrived.

Dona nobis pacem. God grant us wonder.

(c) Yolanda Lichty, December 2019

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