A Request & a Giveaway

Good Saturday to all. A little while ago I tiptoed past a little milestone on this blog. What was it? That’s not the point. Rather, I simply want to celebrate with you all by doing a giveaway.

The winner gets both of these inspirational books and the choral CD.

Small Batch Discipleship by Tracy Sullivan

Small Batch Discipleship is really a modern title for a millennium-old Christian concept. In a world that looks at numbers in missions (12,000 Bibles in hands, 35,000 meals delivered, 2,000 people in attendance), Tracy Sullivan reminds us that like coffee and candles, disciples are made best in the small batch and her book walks you through both the simplicity of the Gospel and a model for discipling within your own home as an ordinary person. This is not something I do well, but it’s something I dream of learning to do.

*It’s for those who long to use their lives to make a meaningful difference in this world.

*It’s for those sitting on the pews of our churches today with untapped potential to be Kingdom players.

*And it’s for those you invite to join you on your small batch adventure.

Small Batch Discipleship Pg. 2

You can learn more about Tracy Sullivan and her work here.

Peanut Butter and Dragon Wings: A Mother’s Search for Grace by Shari Zook

This may be a mother’s search for grace, but it’s really a reminder for all of us to recognize the grace of God in unlikely forms as it meets us in our lives. It’s also an invitation to name our needs, to ask for help, and to continue to do the good work God places in front of us.

To read more about Shari Zook and her work, click here.

God Is Near by Heart Cry Ensemble

Just for good measure, I’m adding a copy of this CD that was practiced and recorded in That Year which Shall Not Be Named, but it carries a reminder that we all need at any given minute–God is near. I had the privilege of singing with this group and allowing the music to minister to my soul. I’d love if it would do the same for you.

To learn more about Heart Cry Ensemble and their work click here.

I can almost here you all wondering. How do I enter this giveaway? First, comment below with one truth you’ve learned or grace you’ve received in the not-too-distant past.

Second, if you want three bonus entries, I’d love if you’d fill out this little me-getting-to-know-you survey. It has around a dozen questions and you can skip any that you’d rather not answer, although if you skip them all… 🙂

All right. Enough with the hyphenated adjectives. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

*Giveaway closes at noon on February 21, 2022 (Family Day for my fellow Canadians).

140 Comments on “A Request & a Giveaway

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  2. Trust…it is most important to purposefully place my trust in Godevery day. I cannot grow spiritually unless I am actively trusting Him and His plan for my life.

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  3. I was recently reminded that “we are called to the kingdom for such a time as this.” God has a work for each of us to do and he knew when we would be needed the most on this earth.

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  4. “Do not fear that your children will live in a world that is different than ever before, raise your sons to be Daniels and your daughters to be Esthers.” As a Mom of littles this speaks truth and Grace to my heart and soul as I contemplate the mixed up world wherein I am bringing children into…

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  5. Truth I am slowly learning and relearning: Sometimes other people can do (insert task/necessary pep talk/etc) better than I can. Rejoice in their ability and for God’s blessing on them in this moment. Don’t be jealous!

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  6. What I’m learning at this stage in life is a little hard to describe. I’m a very task-oriented person. I’m also self-employed. Self-employed and Covid did not go well together! Gradually I am learning not to value myself by my performance (in my case, my number of students in comparison of other music teachers). Also that, while it might not feel like I’m making a difference for God and His kingdom, that is not something determined by what I do, but by faithfulness to Him.

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  7. O quote that resonated with me recently is: Never let life speak louder than Truth. That’s my goal! Also remembering that God never changes, even if our world (or life) seems messed up.
    I ‘found’ you on Sheri Zook’s blog… blessings!

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  8. I’ve been learning that God stops and considers. He does have a cold automatic reply to each person and request. Prayer is powerful.

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  9. Recently I listened to Unseen- by Sara Hagerty. And i was reminded that even the little mundane things done for Christ is really what matters. I keep reminding myself that even in the smallest detail, Christ is there and that’s what gets me through!

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  10. Something I’m learning is to lean all my weight on God’s Word. He is Faithful and True, and it doesn’t matter if it LOOKS otherwise, that’s who He is and who He will prove to be. I can rest confidently on His word to me and wait to see Him prove Himself Sovereign and Good.

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  11. One truth I’ve learned (maybe learning is more accurate 😉) is that those that are flexible shall not be bent out of shape! All plans shall be made with the knowledge of if the Lord wills we shall do this or that. Was reminded of this recently when some highly anticipated “fun days” had to be canceled due to sick children.

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  12. Ever learning to rest in this truth…
    Jesus’ words in John 13:7, “You do not realize now what I am doing, but someday you will understand.”

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  13. Grace to me these days is soaking up the preciousness and smallness of my newborn. Such a miracle. And such a gift. The truth I’m pondering is our Creator God, Who has created this miracle of life in such a tiny form.

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  14. I’ve been learning that God likes to put little surprises in a day for me to find. The moon peeking out from the cloud. The companionship of dogs. A beautiful rainbow. It makes me feel so special and loved.

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