The Giveaway: A Winner and a Few Lessons

Once upon a time I did a giveaway. I responded to all your insightful comments. (If you need some inspiration, go read the comments here. You all are a very wise group.)

I read through all your fascinating answers on the form and didn’t respond, because I couldn’t! Oh, how I wanted to. There were funny comments and interesting connections (aka. The Mennonite Game) and some very vulnerable and honest confessions. Next time, I will ask for your email addresses, because I literally had no way of contacting you. (Google does keep some information sacred after all.)

This was just the first of many things I learned. Here are a few more.

  1. Try as I might, I will miss things like a category for the “married but childless” (sorry Meghan) or even more astounding, I neglected to offer singing as an option for either a thing to do or an art. And I profess to love music?
  2. Plenty of strangers will show up for the free stuff. Welcome here. Walk with us if you like.
  3. As a group, we’re actually fairly confident in what we believe, but we aren’t overly excited about theological discussions. We like our truth mixed well with grace and won’t be starting arguments if we at all can.
  4. We are overwhelming Anabaptist. I didn’t know this.
  5. On average, we land somewhere in the middle in the extrovert vs. introvert spectrum.
  6. We embrace hospitality and relationships as our art. This has me terribly excited. I’ll explain why later.
  7. I feel a fierce loyalty to those of you that have been here for a while, left your words on other posts, and shared more of yourselves with me through the the survey. I’m so privileged to know this piece of you, to walk on this journey home with you, to learn from your lives and your words.
  8. Final lesson, when 6% of us have the name “Rachel,” the chances of Rachel winning our pretty high. (Don’t worry. I labeled them Rachel 1 and Rachel 2 and so on.)

But which one? Since only one of you gave a last name, I’ve included the winning comment below. Congratulations, Rachel! You can shoot me an email at

A grace: a dear friend took the time to come by my house in person, bringing me a blooming azalea, to tell me about her pregnancy. In light of my recent miscarriage, her gracious sensitivity was much appreciated.

Rachel (The Winner)

Now, why am I so excited that so many of us consider hospitality and relationships our art? The answer is simple. The world and culture we live in is hungry for deep and meaningful relationships. In a world where everyone is an expert, people want to know that they are loved for who they are. The Gospel will be shared best, not by the preacher on the street corner or even the influencer on social media, but by men and women of God who invite the lost, hurting, and wondering into their living rooms and lives.

Go, people of grace and truth. You’ve been equipped to bring the Gospel to your busy families, your next door neighbours, and any other person God sets before you. I’d love to hear your stories of small batch discipleship!

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