Necessary Hope


We know the sun will shine again.

We know the trees will bud in spring.

We know that death gives way to life.

We know, but still.

We know this moment’s angst will be resolved in eternity (if not in the next five minutes).

We know God sees our tears and will one day wipe them away.

We know that God so loved the world that He gave His Son to bring eternal life.

We know, but still.

Still, we wonder,

Is hope really necessary?

What if everything would be as it should be now?

What if flowers bloomed and never faded?

What if we all loved perfectly?

Why can’t we be in the actual physical presence of God now?

And it’s true.

If there had been no fall, no sin,

We would not need hope.

We would know with the fullest knowing that

God will be coming to walk with us in the cool of the day.

We would never have needed to learn to balance the teetertotter with

“Hoping for the best” and “Preparing for the worst.”

We would never have been tempted to give up hope.


Zechariah, prophesying of a coming Messiah

Called his fellow Jews

“Prisoners of hope.”

On this side of the Ascension,

We feel this, too.

But like the lamb slain for Adam and Eve

To clothe their shame

And like the promise of a Messiah

Given and fulfilled,

Hope is a grace given

To light the path that led away from Eden.


We have this treasure in earthen vessels:

Beside the sin nature within us

God planted a resilient spirit

The root of resurrection

Eternity in our hearts.

We bear witness every spring

That every sprout

Brings the promise of glory.

We have this hope

To light the path to Paradise.

(c) Yolanda Lichty, April 2023, written for the Oasis Mennonite Ladies Retreat. I am so deeply grateful I get to eat late night snacks, study the Bible, and come to Jesus with you all.

6 Comments on “Necessary Hope

  1. Yolanda, this is so beautiful. The past few years, I have come to understand and experience hope in a much deeper way than before, and yet it’s only the beginning. I love the way you wove Scripture into this piece in the profoundest of ways.

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  2. I love this. Surprised with where you went with it. But isn’t that a piece of hope? God takes you into hard places, and beautiful ones too, so you can experience this mysterious thing called HOPE.

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  3. I sincerely appreciate this most profound post. It is very thought provoking and encouraging for me this morning. May God bless you for sharing this!

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