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Privilege of a Scribe

I found it tagged on to the end of Jesus’ parables of the kingdom, words from the Word in a verse I’ve read often–but never seen until now.  Ironically, this is a shadow of its message. Raised in an Anabaptist, Bible-following, church-going family,  I… Continue Reading “Privilege of a Scribe”

Winter Twigs & Books Full of Rainbows

. . . error is not a fault. It is an opportunity to learn.


Some call it tough love.   “I feel like the big bad witch of the cloakroom!”  I fume in stage whisper to my co-teacher.  In establishing a new, fast-growing school, we have needed to find traditions and rules that are worth making and keeping. … Continue Reading “Bootlegging”

Two, Two Blessed

“So, twenty two, no matter which way you look at it,” she says. I nod and mildly smile, ” I guess so.”  You see, she is the second or third aunt to say this, and I had thought it myself upon the approach of … Continue Reading “Two, Two Blessed”

Beauty Awaits for Those Who Seek

“I seek only to be beautiful to those who know me well.” In grade twelve, I was required to write a quote that represented my life philosophy and this is what I wrote.  It is still a big part of who I am today.… Continue Reading “Beauty Awaits for Those Who Seek”