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Only De Gray Clouds Gots Silver Linin

Story goes of a gal who moved hours away from home to go to school, an’ things mostly went well for her there, too.  Course she had to work hard an’ study an’ write papers an’ all sorts of learnin’ things.  But she also… Continue Reading “Only De Gray Clouds Gots Silver Linin”

In Everything Give Thanks

I began to pursue thanksgiving when I began teaching a little over five years ago.  In my personal time with God every day, I listed in my journal ten things I counted as blessings. A couple years later, I found a baby-blue, soft leather… Continue Reading “In Everything Give Thanks”


They never tell you when you move four and half hours away from home, cross an international border, and exchange the name “teacher” for the name “student” that you will face an identity crisis so piercing that it leaves you feeling empty. In the… Continue Reading “Framed”

In Scents of Time

Early spring, gray sky lingered over the greening lawn and swaying evergreens that hugged the community center that Sunday.  Visiting a newly planted church, I had already taught the children’s Sunday school, joined the morning worship, eaten a delicious potluck lunch, and played a… Continue Reading “In Scents of Time”

My Eid in a City of Pride: Part 2

Our conversations were many and varied that afternoon, and yet I see in them the indelible fingerprint of the Spirit of One Who Gave His promised Son. We are told to relax on the couch amongst the floral pillows, while our hosts bring us… Continue Reading “My Eid in a City of Pride: Part 2”