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Fragments of One Mind

How Job, Dorthy Sayers, Jeremiah, and I are all but fragments of One.

The Real Treasure in the Snow

In second grade, my teacher read us a novel called Snow Treasure. In it the children of a small town that has been invaded by the Nazis pile the town’s treasure of gold bullion on their sleds, ride their sleds down the hill toward the shore… Continue Reading “The Real Treasure in the Snow”

The Miracle That Is

Because science hasn’t eliminated God.

Still Waiting

This year, I have been doing something that I have never done before, celebrating Advent all December.  I have a book with daily Advent readings that I am reading (The Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp). Additionally, my fellow students and I met most evenings the… Continue Reading “Still Waiting”

Living Water

May I liken God to water? Growing up in a solid Christian home, I was born with my toes dipping into the water, and in childhood, I innocently splashed in the shallows of a great lake.  As I got older, I waded in a… Continue Reading “Living Water”