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Holy Light

In the bottom of a small-town inn, Between the heaving sides of cattle beasts, The stench of moldy straw, wet wool, And pungent waste ladens the muggy air. The babble of babies, The snores of strangers, The hissing argument of friends falling out Cannot… Continue Reading “Holy Light”

She Asks

Second in the Toronto Trilogy When the revolving doors of the Eaton Centre spat me out onto the sidewalk, I noticed them.  A cluster of five girls all dressed in jeans and fashionable coats.  Chestnut hair of both the straight and tight-curl variety framed… Continue Reading “She Asks”

Who is Jesus?

The question begs a response. The popular Gospel song states “He’s so much more than just a swear word.” Islam perceives Him as a good prophet. Christianity claims He is God become flesh,the death conquering Saviour of a world destined to eternal damnation because… Continue Reading “Who is Jesus?”