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Travel Journal: Cambodia in Retrospect

Twenty-four hours, three languages, sweet children, and a country that will always keep a piece of my heart. The last day I spent in Cambodia (Wednesday, July 27)  summarized all the aspects of my stay there.  It was the best day in many ways. … Continue Reading “Travel Journal: Cambodia in Retrospect”

Travel Journal: Cambodia 6

Messy Love “When you come back from Cambodia, you are going to be a different person,”  she said.  I looked at her and knew she was right.  (Moms usually are.)  But I wondered how.  I still have a week before I return home, but… Continue Reading “Travel Journal: Cambodia 6”

Travel Journal: Cambodia 5

Siem Reap This weekend,  the two other girls on my WATER team, and I traveled to Siem Reap.  Here are some highlights. Thursday night we traveled seven hours by sleeper bus, after spending some time at the night market.  Sleeper buses have lower and… Continue Reading “Travel Journal: Cambodia 5”

Travel Journal: Cambodia 4

In Different Ways Written Sunday, July 10, 2016 I see you worshiping in bare feet, And look down at my dress shoes, I hear you singing  your language to instruments, While I sing my four-part, English acapella, You raise your hands and face to… Continue Reading “Travel Journal: Cambodia 4”

Travel Journal:Cambodia 2

On Sunday evening, we went to the riverfront. Below is a picture of the King’s palace grounds across from the river.  It is so beautiful, yet incredibly, outside its gates hovers much human suffering.  We did what we could passing out balloons, playing games, holding the little children… Continue Reading “Travel Journal:Cambodia 2”