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To Write or Not to Write

Four reasons to quit writing and why I still do.

Yes, I’m Mennonite, and Why That’s Not the Point

This post comes out of a commitment I made to myself shortly after I started this blog. But to understand why, I need to tell you the beginning. I had sought to publish some short articles through Mennonite publications, but the lists of prerequisites… Continue Reading “Yes, I’m Mennonite, and Why That’s Not the Point”

Fragments of One Mind

How Job, Dorthy Sayers, Jeremiah, and I are all but fragments of One.

Defined by God Alone

I still don’t know him real well and probably never will.  He was a friend of my cousins at one time, he traveled as a hobby to do short term missions, and ended up marrying my co-teachers sister.  I sang with him at a… Continue Reading “Defined by God Alone”

1 Year of Blogging & What I Know Now

Five things that I have learned while blogging this year: 1.Community Writers of all types post on blogs because they want to get read, want feed back, want connection with people.  In exchange, they are expected to read, like, post comments and follow bloggers to… Continue Reading “1 Year of Blogging & What I Know Now”