Meet the Writer

I am Yolanda, a child of God: that is what matters.

I am a woman, growing feminine grace and emotional expression.

I am a student of the Bible, creation, people, life.

I am a teacher—intentionally—nine months of the year.

I am a creator, employing pen, camera, colour, and recipes.

I am a storyteller and poet, still crafting clearer communication.

I am a reader of history, fantasy, poetry, mystery, memoir.

I am a noticer, sensitive to details, beauty, others’ needs.

I am a giver: lending word, song, time, and labour.

I’m a sojourner, chasing echoes of Truth. . . Home.

Why I Blog

Everyone needs some refreshing–lemonade on a hot afternoon, mint tea in drizzly April, a black cup of coffee to prop open the eyes.

Words in season heal the soul and renew the mind.

Words revive our souls. Grace-filled words wash away discouragement and lighten the journey. I want to give you some of these beautiful, life-giving words.

Words convict our souls. Truth, well-spoken, illuminates the sinful attitudes and lies in the soul. When the Spirit speaks, I give you these piercing, death-defying words.

But, I won’t get every word right.

These words come from hard places, my own discouragements and the lies I’ve believed far too long. Still, I give them anyway, because I’ve heard your heart over the phone, on bus rides, over church pews, on a couch too late at night, and what has spoken to your heart has not been my perfection. It’s been my brokenness.

When I’ve shared my story and traced the Light through the cracks, you’ve spilled your story. Together, we’ve paused and worshipped the Author and Healer. 

You and I still journey, and as we come closer Home, there will be more stories to share. That’s why I’m still telling my story, still tracing the Light through the cracks, still giving words for the soul. 

Come, friend. Drink deep. The journey gets long.

Some Well-loved Words ‘Round Here

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May I send you Grace & Truth for the Journey?


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