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To Write or Not to Write

Four reasons to quit writing and why I still do.

Do It

“Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.”[i] The church isn’t made up of experts, just real people using the talents God has given them in ordinary ways. Extraordinary should not… Continue Reading “Do It”

Are You Listening?: Part II

The next week, after school, I was discussing daily and deep life issues with two of my co-teachers.  I told them about my experience, with the phantom song.  Neither of them looked fazed by my craziness.  In fact, the one nodded at me with… Continue Reading “Are You Listening?: Part II”

Mosaic: Art and the Culture of the Kingdom

Start with a history lesson on Rome, add a yet-unplanned, elementary art class, and you get a mosaic.  At least, I did.  In the making, I found some reflections. In high school, my geography teacher taught me that Canada has a cultural mosaic.  Our… Continue Reading “Mosaic: Art and the Culture of the Kingdom”

Privilege of a Scribe

I found it tagged on to the end of Jesus’ parables of the kingdom, words from the Word in a verse I’ve read often–but never seen until now.  Ironically, this is a shadow of its message. Raised in an Anabaptist, Bible-following, church-going family,  I… Continue Reading “Privilege of a Scribe”