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My Eid in a City of Pride: Part 2

Our conversations were many and varied that afternoon, and yet I see in them the indelible fingerprint of the Spirit of One Who Gave His promised Son. We are told to relax on the couch amongst the floral pillows, while our hosts bring us… Continue Reading “My Eid in a City of Pride: Part 2”

My Eid in a City of Pride: Part 1

I’ve always loved rainbows.  They are colour and order, two of my favourite things combined.  They appear rarely, rain and sun mixed to cause my family to pause in wonder and run out of doors.  Every pack of markers or pencil crayons I’ve ever… Continue Reading “My Eid in a City of Pride: Part 1”

She Worships

The third part of the “Toronto Trilogy” She Worships …raising her hands above her creamy coffee-toned skin and tight, dark curls. …closing her eyes and singing along with the praise song. …leaning against the sprightly, accountant-type, balding husband of hers. He Worships …joining our… Continue Reading “She Worships”

She Asks

Second in the Toronto Trilogy When the revolving doors of the Eaton Centre spat me out onto the sidewalk, I noticed them.  A cluster of five girls all dressed in jeans and fashionable coats.  Chestnut hair of both the straight and tight-curl variety framed… Continue Reading “She Asks”

She Never Sleeps

First in the Toronto Triology Wu, wu, wu, warns the walk signal.  Tick, tick, ba plays somewhere.  What makes that unvarying sound? Footsteps shuffly and lazy or staccato and driven all rush past in the cacophony of the wordless voices of passersby.  Vehicle motors… Continue Reading “She Never Sleeps”