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Values My Culture Taught Me

Being part of a sub-culture, I’ve often taken much for granted. I see my grandparents several times a year. I sew my own clothes. I know how to change a diaper, scald peaches for canning, plant seeds in season, and sing both lead and… Continue Reading “Values My Culture Taught Me”


Because the best way to convince your students to write poetry, is to write some yourself.

Only De Gray Clouds Gots Silver Linin

Story goes of a gal who moved hours away from home to go to school, an’ things mostly went well for her there, too.  Course she had to work hard an’ study an’ write papers an’ all sorts of learnin’ things.  But she also… Continue Reading “Only De Gray Clouds Gots Silver Linin”

Travel Journal: Cambodia 3

The Place of the Skull I asked my Jesus to let my heart break for these people. Now, I wish I could cry to let the pain out of my heart.  Yet, maybe, I am always supposed to hurt, lest I forget. It was… Continue Reading “Travel Journal: Cambodia 3”

Eyes of Grace

Moonlight illuminates tousled, sweaty hair and the lump on the bed in an eerie blue light.  The lump flips.  He is dreaming and by the crinkles in his brow, it is not a pleasant dream. “Paul Bent.”  He hears his name called and approaches… Continue Reading “Eyes of Grace”