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Soul Songs 1: This Is My Song

“This Is My Song” was written by Lloyd Stone in 1934. Something about the haunting minor melody caught my ear and the lyrics captured my imagination.


Desiring to walk into the day with cheerful acceptance of all the hard moments, Investing energy and prayers and all the will-power one can muster and Still saying things, doing things that prove how broken the insides are. Crying uncontrollable tears that stream salt… Continue Reading “Discouragement”

My Manifesto: Lest We Forget

I could join the many mourning the loss of relatives, friends, and neighbours today, OR I can choose to remember my relatives who served as COs in the last great war. I could choose to join the parade behind the veterans OR I could… Continue Reading “My Manifesto: Lest We Forget”

A Sunday Morning Council

In which brainwashing is revealed, a control freak acknowledges that her best friend is too sick for her to heal, the Spirit drowns out the preacher, and eyes leak salt water.

Travel Journal: Northern Reflections I

Somewhere, between watching the ferry open it’s gaping mouth as the sun woke the world and stepping off the pontoon unto the sturdy board dock, it happened.  Perhaps, it came along the road sketching curlicues ’round lakes, wiry conifers, and mounds of quartz.  Settling… Continue Reading “Travel Journal: Northern Reflections I”