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Travel Journal: Cambodia 3

The Place of the Skull I asked my Jesus to let my heart break for these people. Now, I wish I could cry to let the pain out of my heart. ¬†Yet, maybe, I am always supposed to hurt, lest I forget. It was… Continue Reading “Travel Journal: Cambodia 3”

Travel Journal:Cambodia 2

On Sunday evening, we went to the riverfront. Below is a picture of the King’s palace grounds across from the river.  It is so beautiful, yet incredibly, outside its gates hovers much human suffering.  We did what we could passing out balloons, playing games, holding the little children… Continue Reading “Travel Journal:Cambodia 2”

Travel Journal:Cambodia 1

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a  single step.” ~Laozi (Chinese philosopher) The journey I took to the other side of the world presented some very new experiences for me. I traveled by coach bus, foot, subway, air train, air plane, and tuk tuk.… Continue Reading “Travel Journal:Cambodia 1”