What is faith?

 It is like an underground river
A strength 
That refreshes,
A nourishment
That causes the fruit
Of the drinking plant
To flourish.

 What is faith? 
It is like a canvas, 
The resilient surface 
On which colours 
Of free, joyful living 
Are brushed 
With precise 

What is faith? 

It is like emotions,
Needing expression 
On face
With hands and feet
To even the casually

What is faith? 

It is the drowning man's rope,
The hungry man's sustenance,
The thirsty man's answer,
The giver's wealth. 

What is faith,
But a deliberate belief
In what we cannot prove to others,
But we know for truth
In the heart.

One Comment on “Faith

  1. I have never seen the word “precise” used to modify “abandon.” I read that part three times and I like what it says, very much.

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