Beauty Awaits for Those Who Seek

“I seek only to be beautiful to

those who know me well.”

Blackberries back a dirt road

In grade twelve, I was required to write a quote that represented my life philosophy and this is what I wrote.  It is still a big part of who I am today.

Relationships are more about the heart then the face.  The best friends are those who care about who you are inside, that see beauty when they look there.  When we look at people this way, we begin to see faces plain turn pretty, and what we once thought pretty look cheap.

Finding the beauty in people is like going trillium hunting in an Ontario spring.  Most beauty worth seeing “blooms out of sight to all but seekers.” You won’t see it on first glance, but when you begin to invest time in getting to know a person, you begin to see their beauty.

My challenge for you is to take the time to make friends with the most unlikely individual.  Beauty awaits.

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