Travel Journal: Northern Reflections I


Somewhere, between watching the ferry open it’s gaping mouth as the sun woke the world and stepping off the pontoon unto the sturdy board dock, it happened.  Perhaps, it came along the road sketching curlicues ’round lakes, wiry conifers, and mounds of quartz.  Settling deep in the heart and spurting out to every vein in limb and brain it came.  The Healing.

Every time I travel North, beyond the creeping crowds,  I am reminded that this is God’s country.

I sit beside the water, all sun diamonds and tell myself to not think of the to-do list sixty items long.  (It grows every  time I stroke an item off of it.)  Already, the mental list appears less clear then the campfire’s smoke.


I chase a deer.  Quiet.  The three-year-old animal lover rides on my hip.

I shiver in the air and warm in the waves.

In the back of the boat, the wind ripples water out of my hair and tension out of my shoulders.

A heedless herd of cousins, aunts, and I charge between trees up hills and rocks to the top of our world.  We look down on shores of forest, blue-black lake, and a rock island.  A few evergreens defy wind and stone and sprout from the island, anyway.


How impractical!  All this wasted space.  Dense forests and giant rocks make it hard for humans to inhabit here.  Why would God place this view way out of sight?

How impractical!  All this wasted time.  I’m not shrinking my to-do list or doing anything to build God’s Kingdom.  Why would I come way out of sight to see?

To be.

Yes, to be.  That’s why.  God planted each tree, molded each channel, dropped each boulder, sprinkled in blossoms, simply to be Glorious!

And I come to see to feel, to smell and touch and taste His Glory.  Then, in my heart, I learn a beauty of His Nature.

Glory Be!

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