Travel Journal: Northern Reflections III


We got up as our world revolved into the sun, my aunt and I.  We strolled in the stillness to the shoreline and slipped into our own kayaks.

The water lay smooth as ice but still fluid.  Our paddles dipped into the water sending sprinkles of diamonds dancing back home to the surface of the lake.  We quickly went around the bend until we faced the advancing rays head on.  The sun came to me across the water, and I chased hard, trying to get into it, but never quite making it.  We stopped, floated, watched the evolution of the day.  My aunt chased a bird call and a creature winged its way from the shore.  The warmth of the sun hugged me even as stray drops of water seeped into my clothes.

Alas, we had to return to shore to pack our bags and eat our breakfast and say good-bye.   As I turned to paddle away, I looked back and beheld truth.  The sun was all around me.

When we chase God, in retrospect we see Him all around us, and we find ourselves in Him.

But, alas, how often do I tire of the chase.  I must confess that in the last few weeks I have been a kayak spinning circles.  I dip the left end in called work and forget the right end, the right to worship.

Oh, God of every coming day, please, call me back to worship. 

4 Comments on “Travel Journal: Northern Reflections III

  1. Thanks, Yolanda, for the reminder. Often in the middle of pursuit, it is difficult to see that which we pursue. A lot of life is like that, really. When we’re in the middle of difficult things, it’s hard to see God’s presence, but when we look back later on those same difficult matters, we can often see evidence of God’s presence. Blessings to you as you keep pursuing Him.


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