Winter Riddle

The farther I fall the more I grow.

I look like lace, but inside I’m dirt. IMG_20171223_152624293_HDR

I’m soft as a feather, yet colder than stone. IMG_20161216_080717113

I’m seen more in multitude than alone.IMG_20161215_132213316IMG_20161215_131805384

And just in case it’s not obvious enough. The answer is a compound word.IMG_20161215_134517497

8 Comments on “Winter Riddle

  1. Love these beautiful snowy pictures, and the riddle. I might have to try it on my students! 🙂 Thanks for the reminder that winter is beautiful!

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  2. I’m horrid at riddles. Just HORRID. I read this without seeing the pictures (didn’t click on the heading) and gave a little bounce of joy when I Figured It Out (how old am I again?!)


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