7 Things I Hold True

It’s been a little silent here. I wonder if you noticed.

Life came thick and fast. I had words, but they all intertwined into a formless mound of spaghetti. I’ve found myself anchoring my prayers not in praise but in confessions. I find myself telling God true things, because I need to hear them out loud.

Here are seven:

  1. God is present. Even when I can’t see, feel, hear, or even intuit Him, He’s there. God goes before me, to make the way. He goes behind me to guard me from all evil. He goes beside me to be my friend. He goes within me, and I go with Him.
  2. I can’t fix anyone. In fact, that’s not even my job. When I hurt someone, I need to apologize and attempt to make things right, but I will not heal their heart. I cannot make someone make the right choice. I am not responsible if they make the wrong one. I need to show up and be as much like Jesus as He gives me the grace to be, but I can’t fix anyone.
  3. God loves them more than I do. This one I say over and over, “God, I know that you love them more than I can, more than their parents can, more than we can imagine. You’ve planned their life and You know what You’re doing.” If I’m honest, what I’ve seen of the work of God hasn’t looked all that tidy or sensible recently.
  4. Control is a devastating idol. It masquerades as responsibility and professionalism and usually brings along it’s best buddies fear and shame. Control keeps me from loving as I should. It keeps me looking at myself, my abilities, and my failures. It leaves little space for the work of God.
  5. God is trustworthy. He orchestrated the rise of the Roman Empire to pave the roads for the spread of the Gospel. He moved Caesar Augustus to call a census in the months that Mary carried the holy child. He called my parents home to Canada and free quality health care, before my mom was diagnosed with cancer. He prepared funding for me to attend Faith Builders. God has worked it all out in the past. He will work it all out again.
  6. God gives dreams and He forms their manifestation. They will look different than what I imagined, but they will become reality if they are from Him.
  7. Joy comes in the morning. It might be a lame pun, an unexpected acceptance email, a delightful turn-of-phrase on a student’s page; but joy will come.

Fear you not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord.

Exodus 14:13b

5 Comments on “7 Things I Hold True

  1. Wonderful read, once again. Numbers 2 and 4 are what I needed to hear right now. In my life they are connected, as well. Thank you for pointing me to Truth through your blogpost.

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