Flowers for Mom


I remember as a little girl,

Wandering to the vacant lot in town,

Stopping to pick the prettiest wildflowers,

Then running them home to my mom,

I don’t remember what she said,

But she kept them ’til they died,

So, I know she must have liked them,

And I knew, though flowers fade,

Her love never would.


Years flew quickly as they do,

Mom got sick. “Cancer” was the word,

We visited her in her hospital room,

Saw flowers from friends standing by her bed,

When my thoughts were so confused,

What’s a little girl like me to do?

The blooms reminded me of better days,

Though her body was so weak,

Her love was still strong.


February. A gray, cold day,

Standing there among the graves,

The pastor spoke. I didn’t hear a word,

Why did life have to be so cold?

Then as people drifted away,

Daddy gave us each a dark red rose.

We laid them on the wooden box that

Held her body. She’s in heaven we know,

Where roses never fade.


More time passed, a couple years,

A kind lady smiled and said,

What flowers would you like to carry,

A little bouquet or a basket instead?

I told her I’d dreamed of a flower basket,

And I carried them on that day,

It seemed like all of heaven was smiling,

The day we gave Daddy away,

And Mom’s love is blooming,

Still blooming today.

In loving memory of Rosanne Marie, who went home fourteen years ago today.


10 Comments on “Flowers for Mom

  1. God bless you, Yolanda! Carmen told me that I should follow your blog. I too, love to write! This morning, I found your precious words about your mother! Thank you for letting the hard things in life make you more beautiful! We treasure the memories of the wonderful weekend with you and your Faith Builders friends! 😉


    • Thank you for your kind words. I would love to read some of your writing sometime! I too, really enjoyed that weekend and would do it all over again. 🙂


  2. What a perfect day to share your beautiful poem. Though flowers fade, their beauty lives on in our hearts with the memories of our loved ones. Bless you for keeping your heart open to beauty and love despite the ache you experienced so young.


    • Praise the Lord! There is always a beauty in the aching, and yes, the aching goes away. Incredibly, with God, I’ve been left with beauty.


  3. Well done, Yolanda….thankful you have good memories of your mother and also thankful the Lord provided another kind lady to love you girls:)


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