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Big Heroes Come in Small Packages

Two students who’ve taught me more than they’ll ever know.

Travel Journal:Cambodia 2

On Sunday evening, we went to the riverfront. Below is a picture of the King’s palace grounds across from the river.  It is so beautiful, yet incredibly, outside its gates hovers much human suffering.  We did what we could passing out balloons, playing games, holding the little children… Continue Reading “Travel Journal:Cambodia 2”

Planting Dandelions

I amble down the path in the evening sun, and there she is.  Bare arms and feet slip out of her dress all pastel striped.  She stands on a green knoll and  blows little puffs unto the white ball in her little hand. “Planting… Continue Reading “Planting Dandelions”

Why I Enjoy Marking 1st Grade Compositions

Marking first grade compositions is not for the faint of heart or the phonics illiterate.  It’s time consuming and deciphering their spelling can almost feel like reading another language.  But, ask any of my co-teachers who blandly smile at my latest favourite or titter… Continue Reading “Why I Enjoy Marking 1st Grade Compositions”