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The Miracle That Is

Because science hasn’t eliminated God.


Desiring to walk into the day with cheerful acceptance of all the hard moments, Investing energy and prayers and all the will-power one can muster and Still saying things, doing things that prove how broken the insides are. Crying uncontrollable tears that stream salt… Continue Reading “Discouragement”

Living Water

May I liken God to water? Growing up in a solid Christian home, I was born with my toes dipping into the water, and in childhood, I innocently splashed in the shallows of a great lake.  As I got older, I waded in a… Continue Reading “Living Water”

Thank You

I am so thankful for the God I serve.  A God that is so big that He can, as one first grader said, “hold the world and all the stars and even all the universe and all the other stars in His hand—on one… Continue Reading “Thank You”

Documentary of a Decision

It’s Monday, February 20, 2017, Family Day Morning.  I have plans to meet a friend for brunch, but for now, I’m having my devotions and trying to ignore that sometime today, I’ll know.