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She Asks

Second in the Toronto Trilogy When the revolving doors of the Eaton Centre spat me out onto the sidewalk, I noticed them.  A cluster of five girls all dressed in jeans and fashionable coats.  Chestnut hair of both the straight and tight-curl variety framed… Continue Reading “She Asks”

A Sunday Morning Council

In which brainwashing is revealed, a control freak acknowledges that her best friend is too sick for her to heal, the Spirit drowns out the preacher, and eyes leak salt water.

Travel Journal: Northern Reflections III

We got up as our world revolved into the sun, my aunt and I.  We strolled in the stillness to the shoreline and slipped into our own kayaks. The water lay smooth as ice but still fluid.  Our paddles dipped into the water sending… Continue Reading “Travel Journal: Northern Reflections III”

Travel Journal: Northern Reflections II

Travel Journal: Northern Reflections I

Somewhere, between watching the ferry open it’s gaping mouth as the sun woke the world and stepping off the pontoon unto the sturdy board dock, it happened.  Perhaps, it came along the road sketching curlicues ’round lakes, wiry conifers, and mounds of quartz.  Settling… Continue Reading “Travel Journal: Northern Reflections I”