Mosaic: Art and the Culture of the Kingdom

IMG_20160226_173352Start with a history lesson on Rome, add a yet-unplanned, elementary art class, and you get a mosaic.  At least, I did.  In the making, I found some reflections.

In high school, my geography teacher taught me that Canada has a cultural mosaic.  Our American counter-parts have a melting pot.  By this, he meant that Canada says “come as you are.  Let’s make something random and beautiful together.”  The US says, “come and conform to the all-American dream.” I don’t know if this is all true today. That’s not my point.

I do notice this.  In Canada, it’s all right to believe and do as you wish, but you dare not say that it’s the only right way.  This can be good.

Individuality, creativity, spontaneity are all God-created gifts.

But so is right and wrong.  There are absolute truths.

What is God’s culture?  God says, “Come as you are.  Let’s make something random and beautiful together.”  He takes who we are and conforms us to His image.  Consider the mosaic above.  At first glance, the heart appears to be formed by squares, but if you look closer you will see that are trimmed a bit, angled to form the curves.  Imagine those squares as people.  What if one would decide that he would rather stay perfectly square?  What shape would that make?

I notice too, that there are different shaped pieces in this mosaic.  God made us all different too.  He created us, transforms us through salvation, and places us exactly where He needs us to complete His masterpiece. Remove any piece and the picture would be marred.

This lesson I see.  Allow God to change and use you where He places you, because together is beautiful.IMG_20160226_173200

2 Comments on “Mosaic: Art and the Culture of the Kingdom

    • Yes, I told my students to make sure the heart contrasted with the background, but the rest was up to them. Some aren’t finished yet, but the ones I have are lovely. I can’t wait to hang them!

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