Living Water

May I liken God to water?

Growing up in a solid Christian home, I was born with my toes dipping into the water, and in childhood, I innocently splashed in the shallows of a great lake.  As I got older, I waded in a little deeper, learning more about Him.  Then, somehow, sometime, some way I found myself swimming.  Now, I am diving in deeper and deeper, trying to find the full extent of who He is.  I must continue to swim, to dive, to learn, lest I aimlessly drift back to shore, and—alas!—find myself stepping out on the sand and leaving the water behind.

This comparison came to me as we discussed salvation this week and how it’s not so much about a singular experience as it is a trajectory of life.  I, for one, cannot even pinpoint the day that I said the sinner’s prayer and that’s okay.

Now, may I carry this illustration a little further?

Some people are not born into Christian homes and have little exposure to this Living Water.  However, even in the deserts of their existence comes the rain, and I pray tonight that it will wet their appetites and send them seeking for more of the water.

Be the Rain.IMG_20160820_070547350

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