The Miracle That Is

Ask an astronomer what causes a falling star, and they may tell you of comets that got too close to Earth and were pulled in by the Earth’s gravity force.  Reacting with the Earth’s atmosphere, the comet burns up as it plummets towards Earth forming a meteor or falling star.

Ask a physicist what causes water to flow downhill, and they will very well give you a couple reasons.  They might cite the force of gravity and the kinetic energy moving water molecules around, among others. IMG_spring creek (1).jpg

Ask a botanist why leaves are green, and they will tell you of the system of chloroplasts and chlorophyll, and how chlorophyll absorbs every colour of the sun’s light, except green.  Hence, only green is visible to our eyes.  IMG_spring iris shoots.jpg

Another scientist, Pete Vukusic will tell you that the reason why butterflies have iridescent wings is because the cells in their wings form a particular lattice that bends light in such a way that the wing appears to be iridescent.[i]

Ask a quantum physicist to explain quantum mechanics to you and they will tell you that if you make particles of matter small enough, they can go through walls we always thought were solid.  How? It is a marvel yet to be explained, a marvel that quantum physicist Jim Al Khalili says he hopes to never lose the wonder of.[ii]

Like him, I too never want to lose the wonder of the world. When we as humans learn what causes something to be the way it is—once we can understand it—we tend to lose the wonder of it. Reality confined to the understanding of our minds becomes as small as our minds.

Whether we can explain a thing or not does not make it any less miraculous.  For every question we answer, we find a dozen more.  In chasing the creation, let us recognize the fingerprint of the Creator.  In explaining the design, let’s acknowledge the Designer.

[i] Vukusic, Pete. “Light Fantastic: The Science of Colour.” YouTube. Exeter University. Institute of Physics.  19 Jan. 2012. Web. 27 Dec. 2017

[ii] Al Khalili, Jim. “How Quantum Biology May Explain Some of Life’s Biggest Questions.” Ted. TedGlobalLanding, June 2015. Web. 21 Dec. 2017  


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