Category: poetry

Flowers for Mom

I remember as a little girl, Wandering to the vacant lot in town, Stopping to pick the prettiest wildflowers, Then running them home to my mom, I don’t remember what she said, But she kept them ’til they died, So, I know she must… Continue Reading “Flowers for Mom”

Unspeakable God

Universe designer, creator, sustainer, Never could believe He’d die for me, Shepherd for all men, Lord of the heavens, Protector form evil is He, Exceeds all description, Giver of Salvation, Always live through me, King of all kingdoms, come to give us freedom, Almighty… Continue Reading “Unspeakable God”

The Offer

I know that we all have days of darkness, days when faithfulness is all you can muster.  When you know God loves you but can’t feel it.  When you know what needs to be done, but there is no happiness in the doing. I… Continue Reading “The Offer”


What is faith,
But a deliberate belief
In what we cannot prove to others,
But we know for truth
In the heart.