Category: poetry

Thy Kingdom Come

He’s finished supper.  He’s poured the wine, broken the bread, and left a message.  To live right, we must remember Him.  He’s washed feet, even the feet of those who will betray, deny, forsake Him, and left the second message.  To live right, we… Continue Reading “Thy Kingdom Come”

Not Kneaded

When I was small, My mommy would make our daily bread, Her loaves were round-topped Golden, delicious softness. But still, I liked it better to make my own, She gave a lump of dough, Showed how to sprinkle flour, Formed her large loaf. I… Continue Reading “Not Kneaded”

A Stillness

There is a stillness That reaches to The very core of the soul, Like an anchor In the storm, Like a rock In shifting desert sand, Like a current Steering the river.   It reaches deep, deep Beyond itself To peace Himself– The Christ–… Continue Reading “A Stillness”

Flowers for Mom

I remember as a little girl, Wandering to the vacant lot in town, Stopping to pick the prettiest wildflowers, Then running them home to my mom, I don’t remember what she said, But she kept them ’til they died, So, I know she must… Continue Reading “Flowers for Mom”

Unspeakable God

Universe designer, creator, sustainer, Never could believe He’d die for me, Shepherd for all men, Lord of the heavens, Protector form evil is He, Exceeds all description, Giver of Salvation, Always live through me, King of all kingdoms, come to give us freedom, Almighty… Continue Reading “Unspeakable God”