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Some call it tough love.   “I feel like the big bad witch of the cloakroom!”  I fume in stage whisper to my co-teacher.  In establishing a new, fast-growing school, we have needed to find traditions and rules that are worth making and keeping. … Continue Reading “Bootlegging”

Two, Two Blessed

“So, twenty two, no matter which way you look at it,” she says. I nod and mildly smile, ” I guess so.”  You see, she is the second or third aunt to say this, and I had thought it myself upon the approach of … Continue Reading “Two, Two Blessed”

Planting the Worm

Did you know that a snatch of song that cycles unceasingly in your head is called an “ear worm”? As a teacher with a love for choral music, I endeavour to plant an appreciation for choral music into my students’ brains.  The challenge: I… Continue Reading “Planting the Worm”

Give Me This City

Written October 2015 I step outside the school, under a soot-shaded sky seeping rain. I hear sirens for the third or fourth time today. I am unsettled but not scared. I haven’t broken the law; so, the sirens are not coming for me. They… Continue Reading “Give Me This City”

On His Mission

written March 21, 2015 I am living a miracle, led by God’s Spirit. Granted, I’m human. I get grumpy when I don’t get my own way. I have jealous and ungrateful thoughts way too often. There are times I chafe under God’s silence, seeking… Continue Reading “On His Mission”