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Now I Know My ABC’s

Tips, anecdotes and confessions of a fifth year teacher in ABC’s, or in other words, “The ABC’s of teaching.”

These Chains

“You have got to be quiet or the slave catchers are going to find us!”  The rustles, thumps, whispers and barely veiled exclamations suddenly ceased.  Pitch black darkness filled the hot basement room, and the boiler in the room beside us shuddered and hissed. … Continue Reading “These Chains”

Big Heroes Come in Small Packages

Two students who’ve taught me more than they’ll ever know.

Mosaic: Art and the Culture of the Kingdom

Start with a history lesson on Rome, add a yet-unplanned, elementary art class, and you get a mosaic.  At least, I did.  In the making, I found some reflections. In high school, my geography teacher taught me that Canada has a cultural mosaic.  Our… Continue Reading “Mosaic: Art and the Culture of the Kingdom”

Winter Twigs & Books Full of Rainbows

. . . error is not a fault. It is an opportunity to learn.